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Multicolor Coffees



Sip your daily delicious cup of a beverage by ordering from common grounds coffeehouse

The common grounds coffee house is offering premium-grade beans, being freshly roasted in-house. The team employed at the common grounds coffee house travels extensively all over the world visiting the producers and cooperatives of the coffee, taking a look at the interesting beverages and new farms from where to buy. 

The common grounds coffee house offers a range of specialty & exquisite flavors

Once the beans are being harvested, they are spread to get dried in the sun, naturally and traditionally. After the removal of the husk in a machine and further processing, the green beans are now being ready to be shipped. The beans coffeehouse supplies the freshly roasted beans that are ready to be consumed by the customers. So, all those individuals who are in love with this beverage can enjoy sipping their daily delicious cup by ordering the beans from the common ground coffeehouse. 

Beans coffee house source products from remarkable producers worldwide

Being obsessed with a range of exquisite flavors and specialty coffee, the beans coffeehouse is sourcing the products from some of the most remarkable producers all over the world. This enables them to make remarkable flavors more accessible, sustainable, and at the same time consistently delicious. From sourcing the coffee beans from sustainable producers and carefully roasting them to attain unique & delicious flavors, common grounds coffee house provides you everything that is required to make your perfect cup of beverage.



A great dessert is the best accompaniment to any mug of joe, or a hot cup of tea. 

We offer a variety of freshly baked goods and delicious gelato to satiate your sweet tooth!

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Villa Dolce Gelato

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